The Struggle is Real

Last night I was planning a nice post about my Refine Method class followed by my dinner that I was going to cook at home. While Refine Method was wonderful and sweaty as always, the rest of the night was pretty horrible.

I always come home from class extremely hungry even if I eat a late lunch. The class is so intense that I just need food right away! I went to Trader Joe’s the night before and bought enough food for the week to be able to make dinners instead of spending $15 on salads. I bought salad, grilled chicken, egg beaters, turkey burgers, frozen veggies, “guiltless” Trader Joe’s chips, and turkey. I was going to make a grilled chicken salad with frozen veggies but the minute I saw leftover paella in the fridge, that plan went down the hole. I started taking scoops of the paella without breathing and eventually made even more in a pan with vegetables. The paella is not mine and my roommate will probably be pissed when he reads this. It just looked so good! On top of that, I had red wine and A LOT of chips (that are not guiltless). Sorry, no photos since I inhaled all of this food. So yes, this is something I need to work on. This has been a problem since I started the blog and some days are worse than others. I need to be patient with food, learn to prepare it without eating all of it while I’m cooking, and stop when I am full. The rest of the night included more wine and laundry. At least I was somewhat productive…

Another issue I really struggle with is insomnia. I seem to wake up at 4am every night and can’t fall back asleep until 7am. I take melatonins and other sleeping pills and nothing works. I always feel like crap the next day and even had to come in late to work today. Before I go see a doctor, I’m going to try a few things that could possibly help:

-Turn off the TV. Yes, I watch Netflix until it is time to go to bed.
-Decrease my wine consumption. It makes me have to pee and obviously has a lot of sugar.
-Get new pillows and a better comfortor. My Groupon blanket sucks!

Stay tuned on this issue.

It is time for Digital Marketing class. Have a good night!

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