The Pizza Diet!

The Pizza Diet!

10 December, 2009|Posted in: Dinner, Restaurant Review

Did anyone watch the news last night? There was a story about a guy name Matt McClellan who attempted a 30-day pizza diet!


McClellan worked at a pizza-shop and wanted to prove that it could be a part of a healthy diet. He ate 8 slices of pizza a day which equaled 2500 calories. To make sure he got the necessary protein, fat, and carbs, he had a different topping on each slice of pizza. A typical day looked like:

9:00: Plain cheese
11:30: Two slices of chicken and meat
2:00: Broccoli-chicken
6:00: BBQ chicken
7:00: Veggie slice
9:00: Tomato-mozzarella

That would be my dream diet! The results were actually pretty shocking. McCellan lowered his cholesterol by 86 points, lowered his blood pressure, and dropped 25 pounds!

I do not think this was completely because of his pizza diet. He also increased his workouts to 60 minutes a day, alternating between cardio and weight lifting. Obviously he was going to lose weight if he never worked out before the diet. The article also does not mention what or how much he was eating before the diet. Maybe he was eating only fast food. Maybe he was eating 5000 calories! Who knows? Either way, it is pretty interesting that he saw such positive results. I still do not plan on going on any crazy pizza diets in the near future! How bout you?

You can read the full story here.

Speaking of pizza, I ate at Uno Chicago Grill last night. I know you are probably sick of seeing me eat there. It’s funny that I’ve lived in Queens for over 2 years and did not go to Uno until a month or two ago. Since then, I’ve been there 4 times!

I had a good reason to go last night! I received a coupon for buy one entree, get one free!! I am a member of their Insider’s Club so I’ve been receiving all kinds of cool deals. The e-mail also said there would be a holiday party this week with free sampling and goodie bags! I told my roommate that we had to go check it out!

We got there and they sat us in a special section at the back of the restaurant for Insider Club members. We felt all special!

I started off with a giant Blue Moon!

blog6 021

The server immediately brought us over 2 plates of samples. Each plate had a slice of pizza and shrimp-crab fondue!

blog6 022

They were both delicious. The fondue was a creamy blend of shrimp, crab, and Parmesan topped with tomatoes. Yum!

I ordered a house salad which was probably not necessary because of all the samples! Oh well!

blog6 023

I’m sure you can guess what I got for my main course!

blog6 024

A whole wheat and flaxseed tortilla filled with roasted vegetables, caramelized onions, tomato, feta, lettuce and balsamic vinaigrette.

blog6 025

One of these days I will try something else but the wrap is too good! I have to try their whole wheat pizza and kabocha soup too! I’m sure I will be back there soon.

I finished off with one more beer!

blog6 026

Our server gave us our goodie bags before we left!

blog6 027

blog6 028

I like the random apple in there! Fun dinner!

1) Have you ever tried a fad diet and did it work? (Grapefruit Diet, Atkins, Pizza Diet, etc).

2) What is your favorite chain restaurant?

1) I tried the South Beach Diet when I first started my weight loss journey before college. It did work for me; I lost 7 pounds in the first 2 weeks. It was also a drastic change from how I was eating before. It taught me to make lifestyle changes in my diet such as eating more whole grains instead of white carbs and lowering my sugar intake.

2) Uno and Outback!

Before you go, please vote for my friend Gena from Choosing Raw in the Best of Raw 2009 Awards! She was nominated for 3 categories:  Best Raw Educator or 2009, Best Raw/Vegan Blog of 2009, and Best Raw Website of 2009.  Thanks for your support!


  1. Jessica @ How Sweet
    10 December, 2009

    I’ve never done a fad diet, thank goodness. I think if I did the pizza diet, it would go the opposite way. :) :)

    My fave chain is The Capitol Grille!! So yummy.

  2. MelissaNibbles
    10 December, 2009

    I’ve probably tried every diet out there, but The Body For Life plan actually worked for me and I’ve continued eating very similar to the plan. You eat 5-6 small meals per day with each meal containing a carb and protein source. It focuses on exercise as well. I lost 30 pounds on the BFL plan.

    You got hooked up at Uno’s girl! I love their pizza!
    My favorite chains are Legal Seafoods and 99 Restaurant.

  3. Julie
    10 December, 2009

    I can’t believe that guy lost weight eating pizza. How is it possible that his cholestorol went down?? Weird.

    I’ve never done any “fad” diets, but I have tried weight watchers. It works, but sometimes I feel like they don’t let you eat as much as you should.

    I’m not big on chains, but I love me some Chili’s!

  4. Melissa S.
    10 December, 2009

    hahaha…i want to eat pizza all the time! ok, i think i might get sick of it though..haha!

    and i’m not a huge fan of chains, but i love Mimi’s Cafe! they have the greatest breakfasts and baked goods!

  5. Gelareh @ Orange Truffle
    10 December, 2009

    Very intresting about the pizza diet… you make a good point that since his previouse lifestyle and diet was not discussed it gives the wrong idea of that this may actually work. As far as the cholestrol and blood pressure I am surprised cause everytime I eat pizza I know I have consumed way more sodium than I need to.
    In the old college days I did try the soup diet.. and let me tell you it was a disaster… I gained every pound plus some back (expected).
    I don’t have a favorite chain resturant.. but if I had to really pick one I would go with Macaroni grill… they are always very accomadating to change a menu item

  6. Lee
    10 December, 2009

    Like you, I also lost weight with the South Beach Diet. Before I tried it, I was totally into the eating everything low-fat and not paying any attention to calories or sugar. Though I don’t abide by all SBD principles now, it definitely has shaped the way I eat.

    This is a Southern chain, I think, but really like Mellow Mushroom.

  7. Katie
    10 December, 2009

    Diets – nothing too crazy, actually probably everything crazy!

    Fav chain…ummmhhh not sure! I do love the chips/salsa from chilis!

    New post tonight – music downloads, fitness, foods & giveaways


  8. katie
    10 December, 2009

    OH MY GOSH that is crazy!! very interesting tho!! i wonder about the background behind this diet??!

    i LOVE UNOS!! gah, have you heard their deep dish? its like nutrition suicide but its SO GOOD. soo sinfully delish. i havent tried the veggie wrap! i usually get the quesidilla or one of the flatbread pizzas..but my fav chain rest is def pj changs!

  9. Mari
    10 December, 2009

    OMG I think I might do the pizza diet too! lol

  10. lynette
    10 December, 2009

    No fad diets as I am so aware of what I eat. Not that it is all good for me. But I am aware of it.
    Fav place to eat…well not where I live. Lil country town that is 2 miles by 2 miles. But 150 miles away I can get good sushi! LOL

  11. Bossyskeezahs
    10 December, 2009

    Yea, I’m with some of the ladies here. Gonna have to try that pizza diet ;)

    As far as fad diets, I haven’t done much of that. Although I did live with a cousin for a while who did everything under the sun. The worse was the one where all she ate was soup! Understandably, that didn’t last long.

    And my favorite chain restaurant? That would have to be Longhorn and Anthony’s Pizza. mmmmm

  12. Shelley
    10 December, 2009

    seriously, that wrap is really impressive for uno’s! i keep wanting to go there because we have one at campus and i would definitely get that wrap.
    & as for htat pizza diet- i’m slightly annoyed by that but nonetheless that sounds really interseting. but, i would get really sick of pizza!! i dont even like it all that much :-\ haha
    i think my favorite chain restaurant is probably pf changs or maybe cheesecake factory? tough one- there are actually alot of chains i like


  13. The Candid RD
    10 December, 2009

    haha, that’s TOO funny!! I didn’t see that, but thanks for the link. I’m glad you pointed out that we have no idea what he was eating before, or HOW much pizza he was consuming….and if he increased his exercise that makes a huge difference.

    I’m very much against fad diets. For example, that pizza diet may have caused him to lower his cholesterol, but what about his bones (calcium?) and his vital organis that needs phytonutrients (ummm, 5-9 servings veg and fruit?!) not to mention the lack of protein in there, or FIBER!

    Favorite chain restaurant….oh boy, I guess….Bob Evans!! haha, I know it’s weird, but I really love it.

  14. ashleigh
    10 December, 2009

    i’m on weight watchers but i’d like to be on the pizza diet :) weight watchers has been working for me because you can still eat the foods you like.

    living in a city i have become a sucker for chain resty’s bc i think they are generally cheaper than most places. i LOVE olive garden, macaroni grill and unos- i just signed up for their insider program because there’s one a block from me that i go to all the time.

  15. Michelle
    10 December, 2009

    your wrap looks sooo good!!! How does one get a wrap at a pizza place?? YOu have to come to Chicago if you’re a true pizza lover!! I’m sure the Uno’s here will blow you away! :) Dang, that apple is certainly VERY random. hahaha

  16. Holly
    10 December, 2009

    LOL the things people think of! I do love pizza, but it doesn’t always love me (or my stomach). :-(

    I’ve actually never really tried a fad diet, but my mom did Atkins a LONG time ago and I tried it. For like a day. And then I think I ate a whole loaf of bread and was over it!

    Hmmm…favorite chain – that is hard! I LOVE McAlister’s Deli – I don’t think it’s in NY, though? For desserts my favorite would have to be Coldstone. It’s like 12 degrees here and I want it so badly!

  17. One Healthy Apple
    10 December, 2009

    I really don’t get the pizza diet. That eliminates so many nutrients, but the exercise probably kept the weight off!
    I have done low carb-ish diets in the past. The funkiest and stupidest diet ever was when my aunt had us eat rice, chicken, cheese, and cottage cheese, but on separate days only. That makes no sense now!
    I love Jamba Juice, Starbucks (yes, I call these food!), and Chevy’s.

  18. julie
    10 December, 2009

    hahahaha i can’t believe that guy went on a pizza diet. he must have been eating a bagillion calories before! or something like that.

    dude you seriously got hooooked up at unos! way to be a member of the vip get all the perks :) totally worth it

  19. coco
    10 December, 2009

    that’s a crazy diet! pizza diet? I can never do that! :D I once tried the soup diet for 3 days only, I think i lost few pounds but gained it back right after I returned to my normal eating.
    favorite chain restaurant? mmm…. Panera!

  20. Nicci@NiftyEats
    10 December, 2009

    Haha, Im eating a slice of Cheese and Mushroom pizza right now! Man, I should try this diet. lol No, too much pizza would just make me fat…crazy diets.

  21. Jenna
    10 December, 2009

    i like panera!

  22. Naomi(onefitfoodie)
    10 December, 2009

    hmm i tried atkins before (kinda) just basically VERY low carb and I was a crabby bitch and it did nothing for me! that lasted about a week LOL

    that diet sounds awesome! I saw you tweeted about a pizza diet and I had to come check out what you were talking about!

    I have to get myself to Uno’s one of these days that looks awesomeeee

  23. Lauren
    16 December, 2009

    Hey! I missed the entry when you switched over to wordpress and just found the blog again today (12/16) after about a month of no entries! Glad to see you haven’t gone anywhere. I wanted to comment on this post to say that the Kabocha soup at Uno’s is reaaalllllly good, you have to try it!

  24. Kamari
    31 December, 2009

    Im new to your blog! I love it. I have tried so many fad diets since I was 12. Atkins, Cabbage Soup, Mayo Clinic, Master Cleanse and a fench fry diet( tha is self inveted by accient)…

  25. Matt McClellan
    1 January, 2010

    This Matt McClellan from the Pizza Diet. I see many questions were posted about my previous diet and lack of exercise…to set the record straight I ate mostly fast food along with pizza and worked out about an 1 1/2hours per day. I substitued my fast food (McDonald’s, Taco Bell, ect ) for a pizza only diet and decreased my workouts to only 1 hour 5 days per week. The results are real and I would invite you to visit for full story and photos.

    Thanks again
    Matt McClellan
    Tour De Pizza
    212 37th Ave N
    St Pete, FL. 33704

  26. nana
    19 January, 2010

    yea i had pizza all weekend and i didnt gain a pound

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