Lychee Martini Madness

Lychee Martini Madness

27 March, 2010|Posted in: Dinner

Hey everyone! Hope you are having a nice weekend! I am exhausted from going out Friday and then having school Saturday morning bright and early! I may have fallen asleep on more than one occasion in the middle of class today! Oops! I can’t fall asleep now that it is bed time so I decided to do a little Friday night recap!

I had a quick dinner at Whole Foods after work on Friday!


I got tofu, broccoli, peas, edamame, mushrooms, peppers, sprout salad, seaweed salad, kale quinoa salad, string beans, and more! A reader asked me what kind of dressing I use on my salads last week. I usually use vinegar since it has a nice strong flavor and has almost no calories. I used oil and vinegar last night. I also enjoy using salsa and some vinaigrettes too.


I had a Synergy Kombucha to drink. I haven’t had one in months! I got a slight addiction to that stuff last summer and had to quit since it got too expensive! I decided that one every now and then would be fine!

After dinner, I met Dori and her friends at Merchant’s for her birthday! As I said in a previous post, Merchant’s has the best lychee martinis ever! I ended up having 3!


I also had a taste of the Chocotini. Yummm.



After Merchant’s, we decided to go to another bar across the street. I got a vodka soda with a splash of cranberry.


I had a few drinks with Dori and her cousin. They look like sisters, right?? I think so! A really creepy guy started chatting with us so we knew it was time to leave. He brought up girl’s shirts coming off and we quickly ran out the door. Ew.

We ended the night with a drunken pizza stop! I got a slice of mushroom. It was the best thing ever.


I think all that grease prevented me from having a hangover this morning. Maybe not but I’ll just keep telling myself that :) I got home around 2:30 and had to be up at 7:00 for school! I chugged a coffee this morning and made it to class on time! It was a great day at school once again! I will do a recap of that later with a little summary of what I learned! I have school again tomorrow so I better attempt to sleep now! Have a good one!

What is your favorite alcoholic beverage (if you drink!)??


  1. Frou Frou
    28 March, 2010

    Lychee Martini’s are my favourite drink in the world! I also love Apply Lychi Martini’s. Yummmm.

    Loving your blog will definitely be returning to read more. Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. Dori
    28 March, 2010

    Lychee martinis are the best drink ever! You need to try my Soho lychee liquor before I finish it all!! Thanks for coming out and for the AMAZING best gift ever!! Love you!

  3. Lee
    28 March, 2010

    I like wine. Sometimes beer. Oddly enough, I don’t have a favorite drink, I guess.

  4. The Candid RD
    28 March, 2010

    BEER BABY!!! I can’t live without it. I love beer. I’m not a lush, I don’t drink a ton, but my favorite thing after a long day is a cold beer. My favorites are Sierra Nevada, Paulaner, Sam Adam’s summer ale, Anchor Steam, and Bar Harbor Blueberry ale!!! Of course I also like a good chocolate martini. I can’t say not to that.

  5. eatdrinkandbemerrynyc
    28 March, 2010

    You guys are gorgeous so sorry i couldn’t make it! I HEART lychee martinis. MMMM

  6. julie
    28 March, 2010

    haha lychee martinis freak me out simply because of the name. i know thats a major fail. when i go out i usually get a michelob ultra oooor an orange absolute with seltzer mm :)

    dori’s bday looked so fun! i was at wf friday night too haha but the one in the bowery

  7. Tiffany
    28 March, 2010

    What’s a lychee martini?? I am super curious now!

    As for drinks, I like whatever is cheap or a guy is buying for me lol I am pretty equal opportunity but normally stick with beer. If I drink too much wine or liquor, I feel like crap the next day.

  8. Lauren @ Eater not a runner
    28 March, 2010

    Looks like a fun night!! I would say beer….or a good bloody mary :-)

  9. Brittany
    28 March, 2010

    White vino !

  10. Elizabeth
    28 March, 2010

    is the ichange deal still good? i am trying to do it- but the link is not working.


  11. Gracie @ GirlMeetsHealth
    28 March, 2010

    Ahh I’ve been wanting to try a Lychee martini forever. They look so refreshing!

    It seems like you always have such a great time when you’re out with friends. I wish we could’ve all hung out more at FitBloggin’!!

  12. caronae
    28 March, 2010

    Litchi martini sounds tasty! My friend had litchi ice cream yesterday. I guess they’re a pretty cool little fruit! My favorite beverage is simple vodka/OJ screwdriver! Hope school went well!

  13. Melissa
    28 March, 2010

    You’re a trooper! I hate having to wake up early after a night of drinking. The martinis look so good. And vodka, soda, & a splash of cran is my go-to low calorie/low sugary tasting drink. :)

  14. Missy Maintains
    28 March, 2010

    Lychee is an Asian fruit that is realllly good. I guess almost similar to green grapes.

  15. Missy Maintains
    28 March, 2010

    It should be! I will contact them and find out!

  16. Holly
    28 March, 2010

    You girls all look gorgeous!

    I’m a beer girl through and through, but I LOVE Bubble Gum Vodka with Diet Sprite – sooooo good!

  17. Melissa S.
    28 March, 2010

    Ah, you girls are so beautiful! I wish I could have been there to celebrate!

    I’ve just been breaking into the realm of drinking, but thus far I’m a vodka soda kind of girl, but new castle (on tap) and yuengling are good beers!

  18. Gabriela
    28 March, 2010

    Amazing pics, Missy!
    Looks like you´ve had quite a night!
    Whole Foods´ salads are always amazing… YUM!
    Have a terrific week, girl!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  19. Michele | aka Raw Juice Girl
    28 March, 2010

    I LOVE huge salad bowls like that. YUM! :-D

  20. Abbey
    29 March, 2010

    Might I recommend a Mike’s Hard RASPBERRY Lemonade!!!
    They are limited edition, but soooooooo delicious.
    Great if you just want something to drink, but not get drunk.

    My usual staple is a sex on the beach. Probably FULL of calories, but I’m such a chick when it comes to drinking! I hate beer or strong drinks.
    A blue Rockstar and blueberry vodka is always very tasty too :)
    *(does suggesting THREE different drinks make me sound like an alcoholic? haha)

  21. Naomi (onefitfoodie)
    29 March, 2010

    that pizza look SO GOOD! I love mushrooms on pizza, I made some last night acutally (on a wrap, so nothing like yours but still delish!)

    mm lychee martini’s are awesome too! I had an amazing one at this japanese Restaurant downtown boston and haven’t had one since but theyre So good!
    my drink of choice would be VINO! if white, pinot grigio, if red, im flexible but love syrah or malbec :)

  22. Monique
    29 March, 2010

    I dont discriminate alcohol! lol But i will avoid almost always RUM and Whiskey. Once you get really messed up on one of those its hard to go back to them, they are like a lover that broke your heart. lol

    I like a good slice of pizza after heavy drinkage!
    Good call on leaving hte bar. Recently there was a young woman at a lounge who was asked to dance, she said no and the guy followed her to the restroom and brutally beat her and left her unconscious on the bathroom floor! FUCKIN PSYCHOS! best thing you ever did was to leave when psycho approached!

  23. Liz @ lizrunsdc
    29 March, 2010

    My go to drink is rum + diet coke to keep the calories down…but my true love is a dirty grey goose martini. Your martinis look delicious!

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    17 April, 2012

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