Lexus Presents RPM Event

I have to say that I am very good at finding events in NYC that contain free alcohol! On Wednesday, I attended a really nice event sponsored by Lexus featuring live music and a lot of booze.

The web series, RPM (Reengingeering Popular Music) presented by Lexus, took audiences on a Latin, musical journey across the country. Now, RPM takes the music from the web to an exclusive live performance in NYC

The event took place at a venue in Hell’s Kitchen. The event included Lexus cars for people to sit in (and take selfies with), a DJ, band, drinks, and appetizers.

This was my initial drink of choice until I decided to switch to Grey Goose and soda to avoid the sugar and hangover!

Eventually a Latin pop star named Raquel Sofia and her band performed. I was not at all familiar with her but she was pretty good. Some people (ahem) were upset because they closed the bar during her performance but now that I am sober, it makes sense.


Somehow this was my table by the end of the event. I will admit that I was suffering all day yesterday and could not even blog. Last night I behaved after school and didn’t drink so I am back to normal today. I can’t promise that a drinking binge won’t occur again tonight.

Happy Friday!

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