Lately I have been traveling a lot and am rarely home relaxing. I stay in my regular apartment in Queens some nights and stay in my parent’s apartment in the city other nights. Recently, Intel offered to send me an Intel 2 in 1 tablet so I could test it out and share my experience. This was perfect timing because I really needed a light-weight computer to bring to the other apartment! I currently own a Macbook and it is really too heavy to carry around all day.  The Intel tablet is extremely light and you can either use it as a computer with a keyboard, or just a touch-screen tablet.


The tablet has so many different apps such as weather, a radio, games, social media, etc.


Features (according to Amazon):

Tablet mode: A remarkable 360-degree hinge design lets you flip the keyboard around and lay it flat on your lap to surf social media, swipe through photos or pull up your playlists.
Tablet stand mode: Transition the tablet to an upright position so you can play games, scroll through songs, watch movies or follow your favorite recipes while you cook.

Tent mode: Watch the news, the game or catch up on your shows with your Inspiron 11 in a hands-free easel position that supports full touch interaction.

Laptop mode: With a full-sized keyboard, you can chat with friends, reply to emails faster, update family budget spreadsheets or knock out school projects.


My favorite part of the tablet so far is the Radio app. I type in an artist I like and can blast music while I get ready in the morning. The sound is really good on such a small devise since it has Beats by Dre audio.


I also use the Intel 2 in 1 for Netflix and to watch Big Brother since I don’t have cable!  I will be bringing this on vacation since such a lightweight devise is so easy to travel with.


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