MissyMaintains is Back

I know it has been a while so hello! I’ve been having a strong urge to blog so here I am. It is always difficult to start something after not doing it for over a year, but I think I can slowly get back into it.  There are a few reasons I am here again:

  1. I gained weight. I really would like to lose at least 15 pounds and feel that this blog held me accountable when I was frequently posting photos and restaurant/workout reviews. I will start taking photos and sharing my weight loss experience with you (hopefully). Living in NYC is very difficult, there is food everywhere!
  2. Restaurant reviews: speaking of that, I now live in Brooklyn and have been visiting so many new places. Instead of keeping all the food photos and thoughts to myself, I would love to share them!
  3. Workout reviews: Yes, I’m still hooked on Refine Method and need to talk about how amazing it is after 4 years. I do frequently try some other classes around NYC and will start reviewing them on this blog.
  4. Digital Marketing: I began a Digital Marketing class at General Assembly and would love to utilize the techniques I am learning with this blog. I am realizing that so much of what we are learning in class was self-taught to me years ago which is very cool.
  5. Writing: I need a place to share my thoughts and feelings instead of holding it all in.

Stay tuned for more MissyMaintains.

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