E-Cloth Giveaway!

I tend to be very messy in the kitchen. I spill things, burn things, and melt spatulas to ovens. I am always looking for the perfect cleaning product that will fix my mess fast and easily. More recently, I have been trying to purchase environmentally friendly cleaning products. That is why I was thrilled when I received a sample pack from a company called E-cloth.

They sent me their kitchen and bathroom pack. What is so great about an E-cloth?

  1. Perfect cleaning with just water-superior microscopic texturing penetrates and removes dirt, grease, oil, bacteria, that conventional cleaning methods leave behind.
  2. Healthier for your family-no harmful chemicals or fumes because E-cloth uses fiber function to clean-not a chemical reaction.
  3. Good for the environmentE-cloth eliminates paper towels carbon footprint and landfill waste, along with air and water pollution that chemicals create.
  4. E-cloth saves moneycleaning with E-cloth allows you to be frugal without sacrificing a thing.
  5. E-cloth cleaning saves time-A high quality cloth with superior fabrication allows you to clean faster and easier than normal cleaning.

I was very excited to try this product after reading all of the benefits. I am used to using tons of paper towels with Clorox and scrubbing till my arms hurt. Sometimes that grease on the oven just never comes off..until I tried E-cloth!

First I tried the Kitchen Pack.

I made a nice mess of soy sauce and mustard. Looks delicious right!?

I let it sit for a while so it would start to stick. I wanted to be as realistic as possible when trying E-cloth for the first time.

The thick green cloth is for grease and dirt. The blue glass and polishing cloth is for light cleaning and final polishing. I tried the blue cloth for my mess. I wet it under the faucet.

I started scrubbing the oven…

And……..Wah-Lah! My mess was gone and my oven was shiny!

I did not have to scrub hard at all! I was very impressed.

Next I tried the bathroom pack.

One of my most common issues is toothpaste hardening and getting stuck to the sink! It usually takes forever to clean off!

I wet my blue cloth and scrubbed a bit.

The toothpaste came off within a matter of seconds and my sink looked shiny and polished!

Guess what?

I am giving away a bathroom pack to one reader and a kitchen pack to a second reader!

How to Enter:

1) Leave me a comment telling me your least favorite thing to clean.
2) Link back to this giveaway on your blog with a link in the comments section. If you do not have a blog, let me know and I will give you an entry anyway.
3) Add me to your blogroll, follower, or Twitter.

I will choose the 2 lucky winners this Friday, July 10th.

Good Luck!

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33 Responses to E-Cloth Giveaway!

  1. RunToFinish says:

    ohh man you don't have to enter me because I have one, but I love mine!!!

  2. Dori says:

    I WANT!! My least favorite thing to clean is my green juice splatters off the wall!

    You're on blogroll, twitter, all that. I will try to remember to link back!

  3. Lori says:

    My least favorite thing to clean is splatters inside my microwave! Seems my kids are always forgetting to cover stuff…
    Your on my google reader.

  4. Julie says:

    E-Cloth is so cool! I hateeee vaccumming!!

  5. brandi says:

    those look great!

    I hate cleaning the bathroom sink – it's always dirty/water splotchy like 5 minutes after I finish!

  6. Kristen says:

    I hate washing laundry and folding, yuck. I would love to try these!

  7. Kristen says:

    I follow your blog on google reader.

  8. Junghwa says:

    loving this giveaway!

  9. blueskyworld says:

    they sound really amazing btw!
    i'll link bak in my next post!

  10. Danica's Daily says:

    I think the place I hate to clean the most is the bathroom.

    I linked back in my morning post.

  11. Danica's Daily says:

    I already stalk you πŸ˜€ You are on my blog roll, I follow you and I follow you on twitter too!

  12. Aspen25 says:

    I HATE cleaning the bathroom…that is why the husband does it πŸ™‚

  13. Holly says:

    Hmmm, my least favorite thing to clean would have to be anything that involves dusting! It's just soooo boring. Linking you to my next post! And you're on my blogroll. πŸ™‚

  14. Lisa says:

    Hi Missy,
    Oh for sure the bathroom is my least favorite thing to clean! I would love to try the ecloths! I don't have a blog, but love yours!

  15. Ashleigh says:

    i hate cleaning anything! i would say my least favorite thing to clean is the dishes… or the tub!

    I follow you on google reader and I don't have a blog!

  16. Emily says:

    The bathroom is definitely the room I hate cleaning the most!

  17. Anne says:

    Ooh, those look awesome! My least favorite thing to clean is the sink. It's SOO hard to get everything off!

    You're on my blogroll πŸ™‚

    I linked back here: http://harpingonfitness.blogspot.com/2009/07/i-swear-im-not-12-and-harp-composition.html

  18. amanda says:

    how fabulous!

    i've never been a fan of scrubbing the floors. i love the smell and the way they look afterwards-but i just think it's such a boring task. and i hate that you can't walk on the floors until the floor dries and everything. ughhhh.

  19. livelaughlyss says:

    oh my goodness, this giveaway was MADE for me! i just looked at my dirty dishrag but refused to throw it away because i refuse to spend money on a new one! my fingers are crossed tightly! thanks love πŸ™‚

  20. Emily says:

    Ugh- I hate to clean our oven- it's black and no matter what has dust on it minutes latter. Also, because it's black, it gets stuff caked on and you'd think you wouldn't be able to see it, but it's almost like it stands out more…. I need these! Great giveaway! -e

  21. Emily says:

    I've linked to your giveaway on my blog this morning! -e

  22. Emily says:

    and eek- I'm a follower sorry for three comments, forgot to add this to the last one! -e

  23. Bayleeβ™₯ says:

    My least favorite thing to clean is my bathroom sink with all the makeup spills and HAIR πŸ™ ugghh!

    Linking back in this afternoons post…www.caffeineandlaughter.blogspot.com

    And Im a follower πŸ™‚

  24. kateystrembel says:

    I hate mopping the kitchen floor!

  25. kateystrembel says:

    I don't have a blog!

  26. Arwen says:

    The bathroom definitely. The shower stall and tub are so hard to clean!

    I don't have a blog, but I have you on my reader. Thanks!

  27. C.G. the Foodie says:

    I hate cleaning my stovetop. It seems like it is always dirty!

    Great demo pics!

  28. C.G. the Foodie says:

    You are linked to the top of my blog:


  29. Laura E says:

    I hate cleaning my oatmeal bowls if I let them sit a little!

    Thanks for the opportunity. I don't have a blog but would love to be entered.

  30. Kelsey says:

    I hate cleaning inside the oven and cleaning the shower. Both are a disaster right now! I would love to try these out πŸ™‚

  31. Kelsey says:

    I also added you to my google reader.

  32. JW says:

    My least favorite to clean is the bathrooms!

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