Bye Bad Breathe: Hello TUNG Brush

We all know you are “supposed” to brush your tongue to get rid of bacteria and bad breathe. How many of you actually do it?

Once in a while I remember, but I don’t like doing it and always feel like I might gag myself with my toothbrush! Finally there is a solution- the TUNG Brush.

Designed to effectively clean your tongue without gagging, the TUNG Brush allows you to reach far back on the tongue where the bad breath-causing bacteria lives. Our fresh mint TUNG Gel treats and cures bad breath fast by neutralizing the bacteria on the tongue that causes bad breath.

·The reason why you shouldn’t use your tooth brush to brush your tongue is because it is a bad practice to brush your teeth with the same brush that was exposed to the high levels of bacteria on your tongue.

is highly water-soluble, which means it rinses away clean — from your tongue and from your TUNG Brush
contains Zinc, which studies show fights bacteria
has a minty fresh taste, which leaves your tongue feeling tingly and your breath smelling clean
contains none of the tongue irritants commonly found in toothpaste, such as fluoride and the harsh chemicals intended to whiten teeth and control tartar.

I’ve been using the TUNG brush every night after brushing my teeth and love this addition to my dental routine. The gel tastes good and the brush is easy to use. I personally am not the best at remembering to floss so this extra step does not always happen but when it does, it feels great. Does it work? Hopefully! I did not ask anyone to smell my breath but haven’t received any complaints. You can find the TUNG Brush on Amazon on on the TUNG store locator.

Here is a special deal for MissyMaintains readers! Enjoy your free TUNG Brush!


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