A Jewish Dinner

Happy New Year to my fellow Jewish friends! On Wednesday I took the day off of work and went home to Philly to celebrate Rosh Hashana with my family. We had a delicious dinner so I thought I would share it with all of you.

My mom decided not to cook this year so instead we ordered from a Jewish deli called Ben & Irv’s. Now I know where I get my “never feel like cooking” attitude from! All of the food was amazing so I had no problem with this.

On the Menu:



Matzoh Ball Soup

 Turkey Meatballs

 Gefilte Fish

Spinach and Potato Latkes (excuse the presentation!)

Sweet Fruit Kugal (so good!)

Carrot Tzimmes with Sweet Potatoes

Kasha & Bowties

Ziggy was all ready for some chicken and matzoh balls! I started off with the matzoh ball soup mixed with mushroom barley, challah, and a pickle.

My next course was meatballs and gefilte fish. The meatballs were especially delicious.

I was already full before the chicken but still wanted to try a little bit of everything!

I barely made a dent in that plate but really loved the kugal and sweet potato side dish.

There is always room for dessert!

I tried some chocolate chip banana bread and chocolate cake! Best part of the meal! I think we are the only family that does not do the whole apples and honey thing. Woops! It was a great dinner with the family and nice to be home for the night. I went back to New York right after dinner since I had to work yesterday.

If you celebrate Rosh Hashana, what did you have at your dinner?

If you don’t celebrate, what food would you most like to try in this post?

 Have a great weekend!

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16 Responses to A Jewish Dinner

  1. julie says:

    happpy holidays lady!! i had sweet potato latkes one year and they were AMAZING! i need to find a jewish man to make me some haha or just a jewish person to make me some!

  2. Thanks! Yep…I’m with you on finding a Jewish man to make me some!

  3. Sarah says:

    I’m a goy, but I love me some Jewish food. Never tried gefitle fish. Maybe a good Jewish new year’s resolution.

    Also, I left my e-mail for the Equinox 3-day trial 🙂

  4. Dori says:

    Yum, looks delicious! We don’t do apples and honey either. My mom doesn’t cook, we order Fresh Direct’s ready made Rosh Hashana meals! I ate lots of noodle pudding. Best thing ever.

  5. Dori says:

    I never heard a goy refer to herself as a goy before. Love it!

  6. Yum everything looks delish! I made some brisket and an apple challah this year that I’m going to post on my blog next week!

  7. Heather Dotson says:

    I think I would try everything it all looks so good!! I had a left over piece of home made pizza and lean crusine spinach/artichoke dip. good meal!
    Ziggy has the same colors as my cat but my cat has a pink nose.

  8. cameo says:

    Aw, I love that you can shoot home for the Holidays, so nice to be with family! My mom was always too tired or stressed to cook so we did a lot of ordering out (Christmas dins, Thanksgiving…) or just declaring ourselves untraditional and eating something un-holiday-ish. Like pizza. I always longed for the traditions and I always wanted to be Jewish. I love all your traditions and holidays! So cool.

    I think I’d want to try the turkey meatballs and the chocolate cake. Looks good!

  9. Dori says:

    You can come to any of my Jewish things!

  10. Alicia says:

    The food looks amazing especially the Challah! Challah french toast is one of my favorites 🙂 Happy New Year lady!

  11. Shana tova! We had a pretty mellow Rosh Hashanah this year, since most of our family is far away right now. I loved ogling your big, delicious looking holiday dinner, though!

  12. JayLynn says:

    The Kasha and bowtie pasta looks delicious! I would like to try that.

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