NYC Marathon Day!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. I want to start off by congratulating everyone who ran in the NYC Marathon yesterday! It was really special to watch friends, fello bloggers, and athletes from all over the world run such an amazing and inspirational race. I went last year with Mari so we decided to continue with the tradition this year.

Nothing like waiting until the last minute…

My poor attempt to make a poster on the subway got me lots of attention and laughs.  I was quite pleased with the way my Dori poster turned out.

Mari and I arrived at the marathon and headed our separate ways. I found Dori’s boyfriend and roommate at mile 18 and we anxiously waited to see a cute girl wearing a Dori shirt with lots of hot pink run by!

We got plenty of updates on Twitter from other bloggers who were able to track her progress.

She ran by looking so happy and amazing after 18 miles! So proud of you Dori!! I spotted a few other familiar faces such as Melissa Z, Ashey, Theodora, and Rebecca. You all are amazing!

Eventually I found Mari again and we decided to head back to Queens for some food. We went to Corfu Grill, a Greek restaurant on Austin Street. I was freezing from standing outside so I decided to warm up with some tequila!

Skinny Margarita!

I ordered the Grilled Chicken Skewers plate which came with a Greek salad to start.

It also came with whole wheat pita and tzatziki sauce.

The chicken was delicious and was enough food for both lunch and dinner! It came with lima beans, rice and lemon potatoes.

I highly recommend going to Corfu Grill for happy hour if you are ever in Queens. They have 2-for-1 drinks and $2.00 appetizers! Can’t beat that.

I am off to go do some work! Have a great day and don’t forget to enter my Hydroxatone giveaway! I will be choosing a winner this Wednesday.

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10 Responses to NYC Marathon Day!

  1. cameo says:

    Looks like so much fun! I wish I could have watched. But I was in JC…

  2. Mari says:

    I had a blast as usual…we need to go to happy hour!!!!

  3. Sounds like you had fun! I wish I could have watched, but I was at a conference at Lincoln Center (so close, and yet so far…).

  4. Dori says:

    Thank you SO much for coming to support me. It means everything to me and I am so happy I got to see you even if the circumstances sucked. Also, I don’t think I have ever seen you in sunglasses before??? I LOVE the sign you made and I love that you made it on the subway!

  5. You were amazing! Yes, I finally found a pair of sunglasses that sort of look okay on me?? I meant to comment on ur blog that I laughed out loud at your caption about me making the poster on the subway! Haha it was quite the scene.

  6. The sign-making in the subway is priceless 🙂 Thanks for sharing! That’s so nice of you to cheer on your friend too, so sweet…

  7. Theodora says:

    Thanks for cheering!!

  8. Ellen says:

    I would go next year, but I had to work this year. It looks like so much fun! I hope I will not have to bring Alan with me though.

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