Tuesday Night Shenanigans

Last night was better in terms of cooking dinner and eating it at a normal pace. I actually was not able to start cooking until 9:45pm because my marketing class finished at 9pm (making up for the snow day). Yes, I should try to eat earlier but this never happens with my schedule. Some people bring dinner to class but I always feel weird eating in front of 30 people so no thank you!

I got home and cooked a Trader Joe’s turkey burger on a whole wheat flat bread, a slice of jalapeno cheese, and frozen broccoli. I needed a glass of red wine after my 3 hour class (which possibly turned into 3).

Please excuse my first blurry photo. I will spend more time in the future editing my photos. I also had chips (not pictured) and definitely have a chip addiction that should stop ASAP.

This morning I weighed myself for the first time in a month so that’s a step. I never step on the scale if I’m feeling fat because I don’t want to see the number. I know I need to see numbers to hold myself accountable so I tracked the number and will continue to do this weekly.

There was free breakfast at work today and it was delicious! Eggs with brie cheese, mushrooms, and spinach on a whole grain bun.

I will leave you with a picture of my baby.

I’m still trying to figure out what to blog about and what kind of schedule will work for me so comment if there is anything specific you would like me to talk about.

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The Struggle is Real

Last night I was planning a nice post about my Refine Method class followed by my dinner that I was going to cook at home. While Refine Method was wonderful and sweaty as always, the rest of the night was pretty horrible.

I always come home from class extremely hungry even if I eat a late lunch. The class is so intense that I just need food right away! I went to Trader Joe’s the night before and bought enough food for the week to be able to make dinners instead of spending $15 on salads. I bought salad, grilled chicken, egg beaters, turkey burgers, frozen veggies, “guiltless” Trader Joe’s chips, and turkey. I was going to make a grilled chicken salad with frozen veggies but the minute I saw leftover paella in the fridge, that plan went down the hole. I started taking scoops of the paella without breathing and eventually made even more in a pan with vegetables. The paella is not mine and my roommate will probably be pissed when he reads this. It just looked so good! On top of that, I had red wine and A LOT of chips (that are not guiltless). Sorry, no photos since I inhaled all of this food. So yes, this is something I need to work on. This has been a problem since I started the blog and some days are worse than others. I need to be patient with food, learn to prepare it without eating all of it while I’m cooking, and stop when I am full. The rest of the night included more wine and laundry. At least I was somewhat productive…

Another issue I really struggle with is insomnia. I seem to wake up at 4am every night and can’t fall back asleep until 7am. I take melatonins and other sleeping pills and nothing works. I always feel like crap the next day and even had to come in late to work today. Before I go see a doctor, I’m going to try a few things that could possibly help:

-Turn off the TV. Yes, I watch Netflix until it is time to go to bed.
-Decrease my wine consumption. It makes me have to pee and obviously has a lot of sugar.
-Get new pillows and a better comfortor. My Groupon blanket sucks!

Stay tuned on this issue.

It is time for Digital Marketing class. Have a good night!

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MissyMaintains is Back

I know it has been a while so hello! I’ve been having a strong urge to blog so here I am. It is always difficult to start something after not doing it for over a year, but I think I can slowly get back into it.  There are a few reasons I am here again:

  1. I gained weight. I really would like to lose at least 15 pounds and feel that this blog held me accountable when I was frequently posting photos and restaurant/workout reviews. I will start taking photos and sharing my weight loss experience with you (hopefully). Living in NYC is very difficult, there is food everywhere!
  2. Restaurant reviews: speaking of that, I now live in Brooklyn and have been visiting so many new places. Instead of keeping all the food photos and thoughts to myself, I would love to share them!
  3. Workout reviews: Yes, I’m still hooked on Refine Method and need to talk about how amazing it is after 4 years. I do frequently try some other classes around NYC and will start reviewing them on this blog.
  4. Digital Marketing: I began a Digital Marketing class at General Assembly and would love to utilize the techniques I am learning with this blog. I am realizing that so much of what we are learning in class was self-taught to me years ago which is very cool.
  5. Writing: I need a place to share my thoughts and feelings instead of holding it all in.

Stay tuned for more MissyMaintains.

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A New Beer Garden Opens in the Upper West Side!

I love the Upper West Side and am always looking for new places to drink (and eat… of course). I was invited to the grand opening of a new beer garden called West End Hall. The bar has 30 bottled beer options and 20 draught beers and ciders on rotation. I enjoyed an open bar of beer and several Moscow Mules! (which is called West End Mule there because of the location).

source: yelp.com

source: yelp.com



I got to sample several different items from the menu such as avocado hot dogs, truffle fries, burgers (amazing), and chicken. All of the food was delicious. I definitely went a little overboard… but you never know when they are going to stop serving, and I didn’t eat all of this… after all, I’m Missymaintains!


I loved this event and there was a DJ that played pretty cool music from the eighties and nineties. By the end, it became a dance party!



The bar itself was very cool inside and there is an outdoor patio garden in the back. The atmosphere is very relaxed and all members of the staff are dressed in cute plaid shirts, so you feel like you’re in some sort of barbecue. I will definitely be visiting again soon. You can find this bar at Broadway and 106th street.

West End Hall Beer Garden Review

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Join Me: All-Star Intensati!

Do you remember my intenSati posts? The ones where I used to tell you about all these fabulous events I used to go to? Well, let me tell you about one that is coming up that you do not want to miss!

On Tuesday, December 2, four amazing intenSati instructors  (Patricia, Natalia, Dyan, and Darbi), will lead a fitness class to support HealthClass2.0 for Giving Tuesday.

all star intensati

This class will include a sweaty, amazing workout, along with raffles and giveaways from Chobani Water, Fruit Bliss, Health Warrior, KIND, Li-Lac Chocolate, NibMor, Nourish Kitchen & Table, PopChips, Samascott Orchards, SoulCycle, Way Better Chips, Vital Juice, YOGASMOGA.

I am very excited about this and I am looking forward to seeing all my intenSati friends there… will you come?

To sign up for this workout, visit All-Star IntenSati sign up.

HealthClass 2.0 is an experiential learning program empowering New York City youth to engage in new conversations about health, food and exercise. HC2.0’s approach to health education involves exhilarating workouts, healthy food and collaborative inquiry. To learn more about HC2.0 go to http://healthclass.org

Hope to see you there!

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